Ok, first – what exactly is Remote Work?

“Remote Work” describes how someone utilizes available technology and resources to complete their normal employment duties outside of a normal workspace or office environment.

Remote work can look unique in unusual circumstances (ahem… COVID-19) and across various vocations. For example, remote work for a software developer may not look very distinct from their normal-day-to-day operations; perhaps their location is the only difference. However, for someone in a sales role, their work may be very different; they may not have access to the hard copy information they normally rely on for client contacts.

Remote work can be an exciting “change of scenery” or “change of pace” for certain work roles. For others, working outside of a typical office environment may seem to be a monumental inconvenience. For most people there will be advantages and disadvantages to working outside the office. I want to briefly highlight some of the benefits and potentially unexpected resources available to businesses and business owners who may choose to, or be required to, make decisions about how they, or their staff, participate in remote work.

First, some benefits of remote work. I’ll amalgamate some great points I’ve found online:

For the Employer For the Employee
  • Reduced Operational Costs for Companies
  • Increased Employee Satisfaction and Retention
  • Corporate Emergency Recovery (recovery
    from local or regional emergency situations)
  • Competitive hiring advantages
  • Control Over Individual Work Environment
  • Flexible schedules
  • Less time spent commuting
  • More autonomy
  • Increased productivity
  • Better work-life balance
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Resources to Initiate Remote Work Circumstances

Presently, in March 2020, there just so happens to be a global health crisis. You might have heard of it. Under these circumstances many employers and their staff are looking into ways to initiate remote work, or “work-from-home” circumstances. Thankfully, the world of remote work was already a growing venture in the world! That means there are many options for people who may presently be forced to investigate remote work solutions.

SiteWyze is here to help! We’ve already begun to compile a list of helpful and cost-effective resources for you if you’re trying to figure out what you need to get yourself or your team away from the office while keeping the business open.