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The Pros and Cons of Free Websites

Seems like every time we change the TV channel there’s a new advertisement telling people who want to have a website how they can get one for free. Sounds enticing, especially for those communities who are on a limited or small budget.

Top 5 Reasons to Update Your Community Website

Keeping a community focused website up-to-date is critical for it to be useful to the residents using it or for attracting new businesses or tourists to your town or community.

The Importance of Having a Professional Video to Promote Your Town or Community on Your Website

When you want to attract new business, residents, and tourists to your town, you need certain essential promotional materials. First, it’s important that all towns, regardless of their size, have a website. A website doesn’t just give you the opportunity to explain in detail what attractions can be found within your borders; it also ensures that citizens who live there know how to take advantage of key services.

Exciting Changes to Our Support Team

It’s great to have a beautiful site that looks and functions well, but it’s the team behind the scenes that keeps it running smoothly at all times that really wear the gold stars on their lapels! Add to that every question about email setup, or website editing, and good quality support is a full time job.

Top 5 Most Important Features to Include in Your Community Website

Small town and community league websites serve to communicate essential information to both citizens and potential tourists. However, even a well-designed community website won’t be of much use to visitors if it doesn’t include certain key elements.

The Importance of Homepage Optimization

For small towns and community leagues, a homepage serves as a means of communicating with the public. Citizens visit these pages to find essential information about the community. That’s why it’s important to make sure the homepage is optimized for clarity, loading speed, and more.

The Value of Professionally Written Homepage Content

A town’s homepage provides residents with important information, promotes tourism, and ensures that citizens are up-to-date on the latest relevant community news. That’s why the content on the homepage needs to sound professional. A town or community league’s website represents the local government. Local leaders always strive to put their best foot forward when addressing the public. They understand how important a professional image is.

The Importance of Maintaining a SSL for Your Website Domain

An SSL certificate is an encryption technology that allows data to be transmitted securely. Even if your website does not process any sensitive data, Google will notify the site visitor that the site is not using an SSL, and this could negatively affect your business if users are scared away from using your site.

Buyer Beware: SEO Companies

It pains me to hear what so many of our clients have been telling us over the years. We get phone calls every week from our clients and even from prospective clients who are looking to market their website online so they can get more traffic to their site that will convert into new clients for their business.  But sadly, many fall victim to unscrupulous SEO companies cold calling them and trying to vie for their business by making false and misleading claims.

Top 5 Reasons to Update Your Website

Everyone always wants the newest, latest and greatest thing out there and web design is not any different. But how do you really know if your website needs updating?

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