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Does your Community Website Need a Makeover? Here’s 5 reasons that it might…

Keeping a community focused website up-to-date is critical for it to be useful to the residents using it or for attracting new businesses or tourists to your town or community.

Using Surveys as a Part of Your Community

It’s Spring (finally!). The community Facebook pages are alive with talks of organized cleanups or walking groups that are getting started up. Oh, and those notices for people not to complain too much about snow melt drainage as “it’s a problem everywhere”, they “are aware of it”, and they’re “working towards a solution” lol. I, [...]

Spring Cleaning for Your Website

I find this article particularly fitting for me this week – we finally got enough sun this past weekend where I could get outside in the yard and start cleaning up all those dried leaves from last Fall; removing the excess leftovers that are no longer in use, so that the good stuff underneath can [...]

Understanding Your Website Stats

I received an email from a client last week asking if there were any statistics for her website that she could access. Now, this seems innocent enough as far as requests go, but I found myself actually getting excited to respond! These conversations are fantastic because once a client starts to become curious about their [...]

Time for a new website? Making the most of your RFP.

So, you’ve been assigned the “wonderful” task of putting together the RFP for your new town website. More often than not, this process usually begins with a single person, mentioning a casual idea over stale coffee and donut shop goodies, and then someone else across the table says “Yeah, you should look into that… maybe [...]

What are site updates and why are they important?

We’ve all been there – browsing around your own (or someone else’s) website and suddenly a button that should be clickable, or a page that should be displayed, or an action that should be occurring, just isn’t. So, what’s happened? No, it isn’t that hundreds of miniature Oompa Loompas living in your computer have suddenly [...]

Using Directories on your Municipal Website

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘directory’? Me… I think of the 3” thick paperweights that would be dropped off at our office in droves years ago, always smelling of cheap, web print paper (that’s what it was called) and excess, not-quite-aged ink (you used to get one for every phone [...]

Adding Online Payments to Your Municipal Website

A Municipal organization is a business, with many moving parts. And as with any business, the easier you can make it for your residents to submit monies owed, the quicker you get paid, and the better your cash flow. Another fabulous reason to start accepting online payments – the amount of time you’ll find that [...]

Has Your Town Gone Mobile?

After many conversations with my municipal clients about what the most important things are for them, as well as taking into consideration content tracking on those same clients’ websites over the past few years, I’ve put together my three most important things to consider when adding a mobile app to your list of community resources.

The Pros and Cons of Free Websites

Seems like every time we change the TV channel there’s a new advertisement telling people who want to have a website how they can get one for free. Sounds enticing, especially for those communities who are on a limited or small budget.

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