Affordable Website Design

As a small local business, we’re here to help small local businesses.

An intelligently designed website can increase performance and sales, while also instilling trust in the visitors to your site. The value it offers is priceless, but hiring a website designer can quickly get expensive.

Our affordable packages handpick the most powerful aspects of website builds and branding strategy and bundle them into affordable website design packages.

The Importance of Branding for your Website Design

All of the best affordable website design options have one thing in common: they embed branding. 

Branding lets your audience know who you are and what you’re about. It makes you recognizable, so you stand out from the crowd. And it sets your business up for success when it comes time to advertise. 

All our affordable packages include basic branding. Because a website that doesn’t represent your brand isn’t worth paying for.

Affordable Website Packages

Basic Starter Website Package

Get your website online in days!

If you’re looking to have your website setup quickly and affordably for your business, you’ll love our Basic Starter Website Package. 

It’s easy to get started. Just answer a few quick questions about how your website should function and what it should look and feel like. Then, we’ll customize our basic website template so it promotes your brand and functions effortlessly. 

Our team of designers and programmers will swiftly pull together your site and have it online within a matter of days.

Here’s what’s included in our Basic Starter Website Package

  • Modern, mobile-friendly, brand-strengthening website
  • Fully-functional website designed in line with Google’s Best Practices
  • Easy-to-use editing system
  • Quick turnaround time.

And best of all, our dedicated team is always on hand to provide excellent support every step of the way. You can be sure your new site is up and running smoothly every day.

Affordable Branded Websites
for New Businesses

Building new businesses from the brand up

The SiteWyze Business Starter Package is perfect for new companies just starting out. And, hey – we’ve been there too! As a group of fellow entrepreneurs, we know how valuable the advice and help from others in the biz can be. For this reason, we’ve put everything you need into one cost-effective bundle.

The Business-Starter Bundle

  • Professional logo design package
  • Homepage text written by a professional copywriter with Advanced Google Analytics proficiency
  • Modern, mobile-friendly template website with optional add-ons for online shopping, social media management, and so much more!
  • Business card & email signature design
  • Google My Business account setup

Business Starter Website Packages for $3500 (Retail value of $4995)

Once you’re all set, you can choose to print your stationary with us, or take them to your friendly neighbourhood printer (because small business is all about supporting other small businesses!).

We look forward to a very long working relationship with you!


Your Brand. Your Digital Storefront. Your Success.

A beautiful, functional digital store sets your business up for success in our online world. It puts your products and your brand in front of interested eyes. And it works to transform those interested eyes into loyal customers. 

87% of shoppers start their product search journey online.
Get your brand in front of their eyes with an eCommerce store.

E-Commerce Website Packages

Don’t have a lot of time to waste? No worries! Our on-point project management team will keep your project moving to avoid unnecessary delays in getting you from concept to completion!

We review your online store with you to establish goals and your ideal target market, and then build your website with them in mind. Once your site is online, we market, market, market!.

  • Professional designed and built custom website
  • Google Analytics Advanced Certified professional home page content copy
  • Home page formatting to optimize user experience when interacting with your storefront
  • Setup of online store including shipping rates, applicable taxes, etc
  • Connect with your online payment processor, or ask us for our favourite recommendation
  • Manage orders, client invoices, inventory and more with our complete e-commerce package
  • PLUS one full year of free website hosting and management!

Ask us how to link your online store to social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram!

An online store brings your brand to a wider audience. It removes any barriers your potential customers might face during their purchasing journey, while bringing new faces through your digital doors. 

There are enormous benefits associated with having an e-commerce store for any business. They’re responsive, beautiful, and offer unparalleled convenience. 

Here are just some of the other benefits of an online store: 

  • Your customers have easy, 24/7 access to information
  • Improved customer loyalty and customer retention
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Your products are displayed in a way that makes sense
  • Better data insights for your business.

Web designers work on more than the appearance of your website (although, that is one very important part of their job!). Web designers work to ensure your website is easy to use, easy on the eye, functions well, and makes sense. 

With a web designer, links work and flow intelligently, photo and video content are intelligently positioned, and the elements needed for SEO effortlessly blend in (instead of sticking out like a sore thumb).

And at Sitewyze, we focus heavily on your brand! We want to create something that functions flawlessly and that builds and promotes everything that makes your brand wonderful. 

We can easily set up a system that links your website products to your business Instagram and Facebook. Once we’ve built that link, we’ll teach you and your team to link the products to your posts so you can do it yourself, wherever you need to. 

The system is simple, reliable, and incredibly easy to use

There are many digital tools that allow you to hone in on customer behaviour on your website. At Sitewyze, we provide:

  • Website statistical data to identify the most popular pages and products on your website
  • Built-in tools to track popular products and sales
  • Google Analytics
  • Conversion tracking for product sales, so you can assess your marketing in action
  • The data you need to verify that your marketing is earning an ROI

Our hosting package includes managing the technical elements of your store. On your end, we make it super easy to add new products and make adjustments. 

Once your new website is complete, you and your team receive a virtual training session where we walk you through your exciting new website. We also provide you with convenient fact sheets, so you and your staff can easily manage your products moving forward.

And, as with all of our hosting clients, we are just an email, call or text away. So, you’ll always have technical support on hand if you run into any issues or have some questions!

Marketing is how you get the word about what you’re selling out to the world. It’s not impossible to be successful without investing in marketing, but it is very close to it.

That said, your store can certainly be successful without engaging in certain types of marketing. Don’t want a blog? No worries, focus on getting the keywords you want to hit on your product pages. Don’t want social media? Great, create a community on your webpage and keep in touch via email. 

Your marketing strategy should align with your branding. It’s completely customizable and absolutely possible to create a strategy that aligns with your vision and values. 

But, in today’s highly competitive and connected world, it’s important to have a marketing strategy.

No way. Never. Absolutely not. You pay for your site to be built and that’s that

Our “A La Carte” options can be integrated with your website:

IT & support services

When you need technical support, you get it! Our websites are designed to work well and run smoothly, day in and day out. If it’s not, you’ll be put straight through to the real humans in charge of helping you. No more running around.

Comprehensive brand strategy

Develop consistent visuals, messaging, and brand goals to strengthen your digital presence. These flow from your website and company email templates to your business cards, letterhead, and promotional materials.

Social media management

Leverage your corporate social media accounts to share timely and engaging content for your customers. We’ll drive traffic from social media to your site, your phone, and your email!

Marketing management

Spread the word about your upcoming sales with our marketing campaign management. We’ll split your budget in the way that makes the most sense so your ad is seen by more of your ideal buyers. Beautiful graphics designed by our talented team come as standard.


Digital marketing is what goes into getting your website found. It’s complex, it’s competitive and – for us – it’s a challenge we thrive on. With a focus on brand strategy and beautiful design, you’ll love our digital marketing offering as much as your audience will!