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September 2020

Webinar Tips & Tricks


Communicating big ideas to large groups of people has become more accessible to implement than ever. In 2020, webinars have become a vital tool for any type of business, big or small, niche or mainstream. Webinars can be used to communicate with your clients, improve your online visibility, and are a great idea for ongoing training and [...]

Webinar Tips & Tricks2020-09-16T17:07:30-06:00

April 2020

Social Media Security and Hacking Threats


REGISTER NOW FOR MAY 7 Social Media Security and Hacking Threats Thursday, May 7, 2020 |  12 noon MST LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE Social Media is often the starting point for other types of cyber attacks. Hackers look for clues on social media especially when they are going to commit social engineering cybercrimes [...]

Social Media Security and Hacking Threats2020-04-30T12:46:10-06:00

March 2020

Advanced I.T. Management, Support & Cyber Security Services


SiteWyze has partnered with ALT-Tech Cyber Security and I.T. Management to offer SiteWyze clients professional, industry-leading I.T. support services, support technology, virtual setup and management services, and much more at a less-than retail, SiteWyze-only cost. ALT-Tech is one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed I.T. companies. Safe. Secure. Cost-Efficient. [...]

Advanced I.T. Management, Support & Cyber Security Services2020-04-01T09:47:45-06:00

Remote Work Webinar


Remote Work Options During COVID-19 March 24, 2020 |  11:00am MST Covid-19 is disrupting our economy and businesses across Canada. Companies must work to figure out how to operate while social distancing. In this webinar we will discuss: Remote work options for different types of IT environments What is RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) and what [...]

Remote Work Webinar2020-03-19T13:12:47-06:00

We’re Hiring!


Part-time Contract Employment YOU are more than just an employee. You are part of a team that works hard, plays hard, and makes a difference in the community. We offer flexibility in your schedule, a 4-day work week, and a busy environment with an amazing team in an industry that is constantly moving. We value [...]

We’re Hiring!2020-03-04T12:03:01-07:00

October 2019

Leaves & Layouts… Change is in the Air


What a fantastic Fall it has been! We've been keeping very busy, both in work and at home, and it's been a great season to freshen things up everywhere! First up, our Toasty Toes Update... Our Toasty Toes Sock Drive We had a few VERY special clients help us with our pledge to the [...]

Leaves & Layouts… Change is in the Air2019-10-22T10:13:54-06:00

August 2019

Toasty Toes Sock Drive


Alberta’s winter is long and cold. It’s even longer and colder without socks. Non-profits around the province are desperate for sock donations. It might sound silly, but socks are actually one of the least donated items. So they’re a hot commodity during our cold winters. The heroes at Alberta College & Association of Chiropractors heard [...]

Toasty Toes Sock Drive2019-08-21T20:52:50-06:00

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