Been feeling the strong desire over the past few weeks to get back into routine? Maybe send your kiddos back to school? Finish the summer to-do list?

That’s been me. Craving the so-called ordinary. Although admittedly, the past 3 years have been anything but for us. You may have even noticed a reduction in my reaching out and sharing over the past while. I think, like a lot of people, in this whatever-the-current-“new normal”, I’ve been keeping life close to the heart; (re)evaluating those things most precious to me, and learning to “work to live”, rather than the all too familiar OWL trap (or, Obsessive Work Loads – yes, I made this up).

Well, in the interest of catching up, consider this my personal family newsletter to you – a little glimpse into our world as it looks today.

The Henry Family Caravan

We finally did it… we moved out of the city to a small acreage West of Stony Plain. Now, it was a bit of a journey to get here – a mid-2020 move into a fixer upper flip, sale of that house and a mid-2021 move into a second fixer upper flip, and then finally, into the acreage (which also required a little bit of fixer upper touch). We’ve also been testing the waters on a company expansion project involving store front and interior design to compliment brand identity and user need (more on this later), involving not one, but two, condo renovations, a home-for-sale fixer upper, a new-to-you home design and reno, as well as an AirBnB setup somewhere in the mix.

We also moved my husband’s newly-retired, but more adventurous than us parents onto the property to homestead together (an incredible experience if you have the right parents/in-laws to do it with!). We’ve also assisted with the transition of his maternal grandparents into what may prove to be the last chapters of their life’s story (another incredibly humbling opportunity).

We said very sad good-byes to our Corso in the Fall of 2021, and then our aging Bulldog just this past month. We also said hello to our newest packmate, Charlie (or Princess Charlotte, as grandma calls her), a Frenchie energizer bunny. And of course, we still have Baia (our Pomeranian) who is living large on the acreage and has recently discovered the ravine out back (much to my chagrin). We’ve also welcomed a barn cat named Odie – an excellent mouser who has purred his way into our hearts, and sometimes grandpa’s kitchen.

This past month, following a whirlwind roadtrip to BC through the mountains with hubby for his work, I finally underwent carpal tunnel surgery for both of my wrists – something I’ve been putting off for years – and now I am slowly typing as part of my rehabilitation.

But what I love the most – what really gets me up in the morning – is that, for the first ever, I feel my soul settle. My mornings consist of sitting outside with all the furbabies, a coffee, my bible, and nothing but birds, and sometimes deer in my line of sight. I wasn’t sure I would get there, but I think I’m finally home.


SiteWyze projections…

This is exciting. In the grand scheme of things, the company continues to do what it’s always done. Our web and marketing teams are still among the best out there (I might be biased but for good reason!). As with most companies over the past 2+ years, we’ve had to learn to adjust, have experienced some sad goodbyes with clients who have decided to close their businesses for one reason or another, but overall we have been very blessed, and I honestly feel like, with some clients, I am closer than ever, learning more intimately what they want for their families, their visions, their dreams. They, too, are learning to work to live.

Some of you may recall that we had an ownership shift three years ago this past June. And while some days I still have a hard time believing that I’m an honest-to-goodness grown up with memories older than I care to admit, I truly believe that the personal growth, my faith in my God, and my family relationships have all grown as a direct result of the mountains moved over the past three years with everything that has changed in our world. I am very grateful for the work we do here, and for every client that has journeyed with us this far.

What’s next?

Great question. I’m gong to start by refilling a cup of hot herbal tea on this chilly September day, scratch the head of the pup closest to my feet (in this case happens to be Charlie), and then I will start the next project afresh until my husband gets home and I disconnect from my devices for a few quality hours with him (all apart of my “working to live” strategy).

Watch for future updates – we’ll be working on reworking our prices to ensure you’re getting the best deal for your dollar. We’re also excited to continue developing our new store front design division (I’m working on my certification currently to be completed sometime in 2023). And we’ll keep making ourselves available to our clients as you need us, just like this company has done for the past 28 years!

Find your place to settle…