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June 2020

Congratulations to The Lucky Dad!!!


SiteWyze hosted a Father's Day draw not so long ago, and we are VERY happy to see our clients enjoying the gifts! Congratulations, Alicia Tonks from Edmonton's Best Hotels!!! ... and here is the happy dad/husband: If you want to learn more about the lucky winner of this contest, check out Edmonton's Best Hotels. [...]

Congratulations to The Lucky Dad!!!2020-06-25T09:25:57-06:00

Summary of Office 365: Tips and Tricks Webinar


https://youtu.be/eGE1Um6i9kc Thank you for joining us for the last week’s webinar! For those of you who missed it, we have prepared a short summary to catch up on. Let’s take a look at the main difference between Office 365 VS Office 2019: Office 365 Office 2019 Annual subscription One-time purchase All apps available Popular [...]

Summary of Office 365: Tips and Tricks Webinar2020-06-23T12:28:20-06:00

May 2020

Summary of Social Media Security and Hacking Threats Webinar


Thank you to all of our clients who joined us for our Social Media Security Webinar last week, as we hosted the ALT-Tech team once again. Here's a little of what we covered: Did you know that 60% of Canadian businesses had a social media account in 2017? That number has significantly risen over the [...]

Summary of Social Media Security and Hacking Threats Webinar2020-05-14T16:40:41-06:00

April 2020

Social Media Security and Hacking Threats


REGISTER NOW FOR MAY 7 Social Media Security and Hacking Threats Thursday, May 7, 2020 |  12 noon MST LIMITED SPACE AVAILABLE Social Media is often the starting point for other types of cyber attacks. Hackers look for clues on social media especially when they are going to commit social engineering cybercrimes [...]

Social Media Security and Hacking Threats2020-04-30T12:46:10-06:00

March 2020

Advanced I.T. Management, Support & Cyber Security Services


SiteWyze has partnered with ALT-Tech Cyber Security and I.T. Management to offer SiteWyze clients professional, industry-leading I.T. support services, support technology, virtual setup and management services, and much more at a less-than retail, SiteWyze-only cost. ALT-Tech is one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed I.T. companies. Safe. Secure. Cost-Efficient. [...]

Advanced I.T. Management, Support & Cyber Security Services2020-04-01T09:47:45-06:00

Top 5 Things to Do During COVID-19 Pandemic


I know, you have probably booked your vacation already or planned to visit your distant relatives. Who knew things would turn out the way they did, eh? However, there is still so much to do and learn (besides munching away on your snack stash *wink wink*). Spending days at home is not ideal for anyone, [...]

Top 5 Things to Do During COVID-19 Pandemic2020-03-27T10:20:33-06:00

Conference Calling and Team Communication


While we have been examining many different types of remote work communication tools, we’ve focused on four in particular: ZOOM GOTOMEETING GOOGLE HANGOUTS MICROSOFT TEAMS Each of these solutions has its own strengths and weaknesses that every business needs to consider before committing. For [...]

Conference Calling and Team Communication2020-03-20T23:31:54-06:00

Remote Work – Weighing the Options


Ok, first - what exactly is Remote Work? “Remote Work” describes how someone utilizes available technology and resources to complete their normal employment duties outside of a normal workspace or office environment. Remote work can look unique in unusual circumstances (ahem… COVID-19) and across various vocations. For example, remote work for a software developer [...]

Remote Work – Weighing the Options2020-03-19T13:34:41-06:00

Remote Work Webinar


Remote Work Options During COVID-19 March 24, 2020 |  11:00am MST Covid-19 is disrupting our economy and businesses across Canada. Companies must work to figure out how to operate while social distancing. In this webinar we will discuss: Remote work options for different types of IT environments What is RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) and what [...]

Remote Work Webinar2020-03-19T13:12:47-06:00
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