September 2020

Webinar Tips & Tricks


Communicating big ideas to large groups of people has become more accessible to implement than ever. In 2020, webinars have become a vital tool for any type of business, big or small, niche or mainstream. Webinars can be used to communicate with your clients, improve your online visibility, and are a great idea for ongoing training and [...]

Webinar Tips & Tricks2020-09-16T17:07:30-06:00

June 2020

Summary of Office 365: Tips and Tricks Webinar


https://youtu.be/eGE1Um6i9kc Thank you for joining us for the last week’s webinar! For those of you who missed it, we have prepared a short summary to catch up on. Let’s take a look at the main difference between Office 365 VS Office 2019: Office 365 Office 2019 Annual subscription One-time purchase All apps available Popular [...]

Summary of Office 365: Tips and Tricks Webinar2020-06-23T12:28:20-06:00

May 2020

Summary of Social Media Security and Hacking Threats Webinar


Thank you to all of our clients who joined us for our Social Media Security Webinar last week, as we hosted the ALT-Tech team once again. Here's a little of what we covered: Did you know that 60% of Canadian businesses had a social media account in 2017? That number has significantly risen over the [...]

Summary of Social Media Security and Hacking Threats Webinar2020-05-14T16:40:41-06:00

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