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  • Your hosting/email/SSL and any other fees will remain the same unless otherwise quoted by your SiteWyze representative. Your Annual Wordpress maintenance fee for core updates will also be billed to the card information you provide here once a year as usual.
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  • Fees & Payments:
    - Support & Hosting fees are calculated per month based on your project outline (including the base rate plus any additional optional add-on service fees if applicable) beginning the month that your site set up is complete, regardless of whether or not your website has been launched on your domain
    - Fees are due on the first of the month and are auto-billed to the credit card onfile.
    - Overdue and unpaid accounts will be automatically cancelled within 60 days of non-payment and files removed from our server.

    Cancellation Policy:
    - You can cancel services at any time however, if you cancel within the first 6 months after your website was completed, a one-time cancellation fee equal to your first 6 month billing period will be due including the cost of any hosting upgrades requested.
    - Templates remain the property of SiteWyze.
    - Should you cancel your website hosting services with us, you are free to take any content (text and images) that you provided to us for use on your next website, however, all other site files remain the property of SiteWyze.
    - Cancellation must be provided in writing prior to the next billing cycle.
    - There are no refunds if you cancel your hosting in the middle of a paid hosting period.
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Your Hosting Includes:

  • All site-related and email technical support
  • All CMS training & assistance
  • Website hosting
  • Daily Site Backups, and ongoing Advanced Site Security
  • Email hosting available upon request for a fee

When is Hosting Due:

Hosting is billed monthly on the credit card you provide us. If a card expires or is changed, you can update your account by contacting us.

Billing will begin the first month that your site setup is completed, regardless of whether your site is live on your domain.

How is Hosting Paid:

Automatic billing: we will send you a notice a few days in advance, and will bill the credit card on file on the billing date. Once we receive your billing information from this completed form, we will send you an authorization form to complete if we do not already have your card on file.