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    As of October 2017, Google will be alerting users of websites that do not use a SSL certificate on their site. A SSL certificate is a encryption technology that allows data to be transmitted securely. Even if your website does not process any sensitive data, Google will notify the site visitor that the site is not using a SSL and this could negatively affect your business if users are scared away from using your site.

    The goal of the SSL certification is to authenticate that you are the owner of your website, that the Integrity of your data has not been compromised, and to encrypt any communications received or transmitted by your website visitors.

    We are offering Basic Website SSL Package for all clients for $199/per year. All SSL’s require an annual renewal. The other additional cost is for a required dedicated IP address for any site that uses a SSL. This is a cost of $5/month added to your hosting.

    Please note, although this is not mandatory, we highly recommend it to avoid future issues for your users. If you have any questions, please contact
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  • Fees & Payments: - Support & Hosting fees are calculated per month based on your project outline (including the base rate plus any additional optional add-on service fees if applicable) beginning the month that your site set up is complete, regardless of whether or not your website has been launched on your domain - Fees are due June 1st and December 1st for the following 6 month periods of July – December, and January to June respectively. - Overdue and unpaid accounts will be automatically cancelled within 60 days of non-payment and files removed from our server. Cancellation Policy: - Should you cancel your website hosting services with us, we will provide you with a zipped file of your website files, minus any custom licensing that remain the property of SiteWyze Solutions, that you can give to your next website provider. New licence keys may be required for certain plugins to work. - Cancellation must be provided in writing prior to the next billing cycle (July 1st or December 1st).
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