If you are migrating your email hosting to us from your existing provider, there are a couple of key steps to follow:

  1. Please provide us a complete list of all email accounts and complex passwords that you require: CLICK HERE
  2. Please send us your IP address as it appears on this web page (we will white list this in our server firewall to avoid any potential blocking issues if your email software starts giving you any connection errors)
  3. Ensure your accounts are using a POP3 mail protocol before you switch providers
  4. Then, on a day when you anticipate to have your emails slow down (i.e. if you are typically closed on Saturday and Sunday, best to make your DNS switch on Friday late afternoon), you can:
    1. Log into your domain registrar and change your DNS (we can provide you the settings for your server), or
    2. You can provide us the access to your domain registrar and we can make the settings changes for you
  5. Once the new settings have been saved with your registrar, you can expect to wait up to 48 hours for the change to take full effect; if all of the settings are correct (passwords match, etc), then your emails will continue to function as per normal.IF for some reason your email software (i.e. Outlook) begins to show you errors when you come back into work on Monday, you will want to check your email settings, and in rare cases, you may need to delete and re-set up the account.

During the DNS switch transition period (propagation), you can expect your emails to filter into your account normally. In some cases you may experience email delays (for example, an email sent to you on Saturday  morning may not appear until Saturday night). This is normal, and is why we recommend making these changes over a couple of days where you are not anxiously awaiting emails during business hours.

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