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WordPress – Why We Use the Most Supported CMS in the World


Wordpress is an amazingly flexible core website system
currently in use in over 33% of website worldwide*.

What does that mean for you?

It means that no other website core system is as supported, or as closely monitored for it’s integrity and security health, as what WordPress is. It’s programming is continuously reviewed and managed by an elite group of online programmers and security detail, ensuring that such a massive system stays up-to-date against all potential online issues.

It also means that global programming contributors are daily adding to the collection of unique and awesome website features that clients like you can implement into your website to stay fresh, current, and secure.

How does SiteWyze work with WordPress?

Another excellent question! We start with the core (think of a spine), and then we build the “body” all around it. The body consists of theme development (the visual core) as well as a variety of tried and tested third-party (as well as a few custom-built ones just for you) functionality plugins. All this comes together to make your site the best user experience it can be!

Why is SiteWyze extremely selective over what elements they utilize?

Not all plugins are created equal, and not all “play nicely” with others. Our team of professional (and protective) developers ensure that only those plugins that have been thoroughly tested are used in a client’s website.

In addition, there is a delicate balance between cool features, and optimized functionality. We include only plugins that we have thoroughly vetted for sturdiness and compatibility, and only as many as we need, avoiding slow load times due to unnecessary core elements (an issue often overlooked).

When good plugins go bad…

It’s true – as with all technology we use in our day-to-day lives, the inner workings of any website will not always do those things it’s supposed to, whether you use WordPress or not. From time to time, security updates may cause compatibility issues, or plugins may need to be updated to stay current.

SiteWyze frequently monitors our hosted client sites for minor updates, and do them as needed. For major system updates, we schedule a maintenance period (at least once a year) to do a complete core system refresh. This is typically all that is required to keep your site looking and “feeling” its best.

Do you need to have programming experience to use WordPress?

Absolutely not! Each WordPress system comes with a default editor, but it is a little cumbersome, and quite limited in its creative ability for those of us not familiar with hard-coding everything.

SiteWyze includes with all of our client websites an Element Builder in addition to any custom feature plugins. Using this Element Builder, your content pages will be set up in such a way that you simply locate the element (text, image, button, etc) that you want to edit, and click a little editing pencil!

Point, click, and SAVE! It’s that easy!

As with anything, there is a learning curve when starting something new, but we review everything in detail during your initial 2-hour training session, as well as provide you with editing tools and tips on our dedicated support website. For hosted clients, we also walk you through all site editing whenever you get stuck, at no additional cost to you.


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