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Site & Server Upgrade Important Notice



It’s finally that time – we are putting the final push on upgrading the oldest of our client’s websites, and that includes yours 😊 We started this process a while ago and are now in the final stages.

The technical stuff

Your website uses an out-of-date programming language version that has been discontinued by the global website community because of security issues. This happened a while back, and most of our clients have already upgraded their sites. Now, we are faced with the added issue that the server platform that hosts and supports that old, unsecure, website code will be taken offline globally later this year.

PLEASE NOTE: This is not an issue unique to SiteWyze and we have no control over this as it is a global issue that all website hosting companies must deal with. Unfortunately, the programming language used to build your current website, is no longer compatible on any updated host servers, which means it cannot simply be moved from one hosting environment to another.

What that means for you

Since your current website will no longer be able to be hosted, it will go offline once the old server environment is taken down. The only option available is to rebuild your website using the latest programming versions. But, unlike other notices you’ve received in the past, this one comes with the added urgency that if you do not upgrade your website in time, it will simply cease to exist – this is beyond our control, so we are reaching out to clients who have yet to complete the upgrade process on their website to ensure this does not happen.

The upgrade process

During this transition, we are endeavouring to make the upgrade process as easy as possible for any of our clients inconvenienced by this. We will need to build a new site to maintain your online presence, and so we are offering two packages that you can choose from with significantly discounted rates for our existing clients:

  1. Template Website: We have 9 basic template layouts available for clients who wish to remain with or move to a more simplistic website. You would select a layout that you prefer, and we will migrate over your basic content.*
    Regular price $995
    Existing Client Discounted Price: $495
    Includes up to 10 pages of content, 1 photo gallery, 1 contact form 
  2. Custom Website: A custom-designed website is built specifically for your business. Unlike template sites where many people use the same layout, our custom sites have a design that is unique to your business and are more creative in design and animations. Our team will work with you to design a layout that fits your business image and migrate over your existing content.*
    Regular price $3495
    Existing Client Discounted Price: $2495
    Includes up to 20 pages of content, 1 photo gallery, 1 contact form*Note: Custom site quote above does not include custom functionality. This will be evaluated and quoted separately.

Please let me know which option works best for you and I can get the process for upgrading to your new site started right away and into our schedule.


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