Family Christmas

Dinner Signup

December 23rd, 5:30pm
All Are Welcome!

Location: 12777 Candle Crescent S.W.

Please let us know if you will be coming, how many family members you will be bringing,
and what food dish you would like to bring.

(HINT: we are listing what everyone else is bringing at the bottom of this page)

We will have access to a full kitchen and will be providing recyclable dishware for use to ease cleanup. If you are able to help with cleanup, please indicate in the form below and Scottland will be contacting you.

Questions? Let us know! Email


Main Dish

  • Lasagna trays (Dave & Beth)
  • Beef stroganoff (Denny & Karen)

Main Meat

  • Fried chicken (James & Jenni)

Main Side

  • Chili (Brian & Debbie)
  • Yaksoba Stir Fry (Kevin & Family)


  • Brian & Debbie

Side Salad

  • Crackers & Cheese Plate (McLaughlin House)
  • Spinach Salad (The Wilson House)
  • Loose Leaf Salad (The Wilson House)


  • Assortment of pies (Cara)
  • Brownies, Cookies (Kevin & Family)