There are some key indicators that can answer this question for you. So let’s get right to the point.

Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to determine if your town, small city, county, or community website needs an overhaul:

#1: Does Your Site Look Like it’s Dated and was Created Back in the Early 2000’s or Earlier?

In order to attract residents, tourists, or new businesses, your community website is often the first thing people will see. First impressions count. Your website is a reflection of what your town has to offer.  This makes it so important to make sure your site is current and modern looking.

#2: Does Your Site Scale to Mobile Devices?

Having a mobile responsive website is critical these days with the high usage of mobile devices.  A Responsive website will scale and adjust the content of your website so that it is more easily visible on mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

#3: Does Your Site Have Features to Help Engage Visitors?

Having an attractive website is important, but even more important is that your website has features to engage the user to make it useful to residents, tourists, and businesses.  Features like event calendars, volunteer registrations, news alerts, community polls & surveys, bylaw search, memberships, promos videos, and other similar features can really take a community website to the next level and make it more useful and interactive.

#4: Is Your Current Site Easy to Update?

Community websites need to be constantly updating their residents and businesses about news and events around the community.  In order to do this, it must be reasonably easy to update your website. If it’s not, then it’s less likely to be done and your site will eventually turn stale and quickly become out-dated.

#5: Are You Getting the Support Your Need From Your Current Website Provider

Its not just the look, feel, and functionality of the site that’s important. Getting timely and quality support from your website provider is a huge part of the puzzle.  You could have the best community website out there, but if your site goes down, or something goes wrong, or you need help updating it, you need to be able to have a reliable, experienced web company to back you up.  The importance of this point cannot be overstated.

So there you have it.  5 good questions to ask yourself about your current community website. Don’t underestimate the importance of these and take the time to consider what’s best for your community.

If any or all of the above reasons strike a chord with you, your website design likely requires updating. We specialize in town and community site development.  Call us here at SiteWyze to discuss what we can do to update your website – 1-866-344-0533.