COVID-19 Notice


For our Valued Clients, In this time of uncertainty, the safety and well-being of our clients, staff and communities is our top priority. We’re reaching out to let you know that we are here to help! Our offices will close for the safety of our staff, however I and the team will continue to work [...]

COVID-19 Notice2020-03-16T12:51:18-06:00

We’re Hiring!


Part-time Contract Employment YOU are more than just an employee. You are part of a team that works hard, plays hard, and makes a difference in the community. We offer flexibility in your schedule, a 4-day work week, and a busy environment with an amazing team in an industry that is constantly moving. We value [...]

We’re Hiring!2020-03-04T12:03:01-07:00

Leaves & Layouts… Change is in the Air


What a fantastic Fall it has been! We've been keeping very busy, both in work and at home, and it's been a great season to freshen things up everywhere! First up, our Toasty Toes Update... Our Toasty Toes Sock Drive We had a few VERY special clients help us with our pledge to the [...]

Leaves & Layouts… Change is in the Air2019-10-22T10:13:54-06:00

Toasty Toes Sock Drive


Alberta’s winter is long and cold. It’s even longer and colder without socks. Non-profits around the province are desperate for sock donations. It might sound silly, but socks are actually one of the least donated items. So they’re a hot commodity during our cold winters. The heroes at Alberta College & Association of Chiropractors heard [...]

Toasty Toes Sock Drive2019-08-21T20:52:50-06:00

July News & Updates


It's the middle of summer - finally! Sunny and beautiful, with vacations and outdoor BBQs in full swing. Since the rest of the world is slowing down (just a little), we thought it would be the perfect time to do a little housekeeping of our own, and gear up for the second half of 2019 [...]

July News & Updates2019-08-02T15:31:08-06:00

The Union Bank Inn


Luxury at its Finest That has been the tag line for the Union Bank Inn in Edmonton for many years, and I couldn't have come up with a better one if I tried! Located within the historic Union Bank of Canada Building, the Union Bank Inn is not only the ideal property for our downtown [...]

The Union Bank Inn2019-07-29T12:23:35-06:00

Top 5 Reasons Your Underperforming Website Needs a Makeover


So, let’s get right to the point.  Here are 5 questions to ask yourself to determine if your small business website needs an overhaul: #1: Does your site look like it’s dated and was created back in the early 2000’s or earlier? In order to attract new businesses, your website is often the first thing [...]

Top 5 Reasons Your Underperforming Website Needs a Makeover2019-07-08T21:15:04-06:00

Why use an SSL?


There is major issue right now when it comes to browsing websites online that the vast majority of business owners appear to be unaware of. As of March 2018, the Google Chrome Internet Browser is currently used by nearly 60% of all people Worldwide. And starting late last year, Google slowly introduced a new policy [...]

Why use an SSL?2019-07-08T21:15:00-06:00
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