2020 Business Survival Kit

As a part of our continued commitment to you, our valued client family, during the COVID-19 pandemic we are offering to ALL clients our Business Survival Kit.

We have created an easy-to-use solution to help bridge the gap between your clients, team members and your business in this ever-changing, work-from-home situation. We understand that, right now, businesses are doing everything they can to survive, and maintaining regular connections with your clients is a big part of that.

Tools include:

  • Professional letterhead design in Word to keep your correspondence looking sharp

  • We review the top 4 remote video conferencing tools available with recommendations

  • How-to instruction sheets for your team and clients for all conferencing software

  • 15 unique social media posts plus stock imagery to communicate to your clients via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc

  • A how-to guide for writing successful blog posts as well as a sample blog notification to use during this crisis

Pay What You Can

We have decided not to put a price on this kit, but to allow those clients who are able, to pay an amount that works for them. The retail value of a customized kit like the one you are about to download is typically upwards of $1000, but you won’t pay that. We have made it generic enough so  that all clients can, with a little effort, add their logos and contact information, making these tools unique to each individual company.

If you are unable to pay, that’s ok. We understand.

If you are able, and would like to, we greatly appreciate it.

Either way – download the kit, use all of its assets, and please let us know if you need any help!

From simple, to signature.

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